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Epilation and hair removal

3 techniques, 3 results.

Epilation and permanent hair removal with the laser

Epilation removes unwanted hairs on your body.

At MediSpa Knokke we use different methods for hair removal: with sugar paste, with wax or laser hair removal.

Epilation with sugar paste

In MediSpa Knokke you can go for epilation based on sugar.

For this we use the sugar paste of the brand Pandhy’s. Unlike other methods, sugar paste offers the possibility to remove hairs from 1 to 2 millimeters in length. This means that it can be epilated during the growth phase of the hair, which increases the regeneration period. This allows you to enjoy silky skin for longer. The extraction using sugar paste causes a positive traumatized follicle instead of negative traumatized skin. As a result, new hairs have a different colour and texture, which makes them come back lighter and less thick. Hair removal using sugar paste is also less painful than most other epilations and it makes the skin softer. The sugar paste used is 100 % natural, hypoallergenic and usually does not cause skin irritation.

Epilation with wax

At MediSpa Knokke you can also opt for hair removal by means of wax. For this we use Depilève: a world-leading hair removal brand.

For treatment, we clean the skin so that it is as pure and fat-free as possible. This allows more resin to stick to the hairs and allows them to be removed better. After the hair removal we use a specially developed oil or cream to restore the natural protective layer of the skin. It is also important to continue to take good care of your skin at home. Our beautician will advise you which products you can best use for this.

Laser hair removal

After about 8 treatments you will be rid of most of your hair!

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