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Teeth whitening

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100% natural approach for whitening of the teeth.

White treatment: Harmless to tooth enamel. No Pain, No Sensitivity, No Peroxides. The durability of a treatment is on average 3 to 6 months (depending on everyone’s personal hygiene).

tanden bleken

Teeth whitening

Do you sometimes suffer from yellow discolouration on your teeth? Or do you want to make sure you shine with your smile for that one occasion? Then we can help you whiten your teeth safely.

Possible causes of discolouration?
-External discolouration of the tooth (tobacco, coffee, red wine, sauces, tea, food,…
-Internal discolouration of the tooth (soft fluorosis or coloured tetracyline)
-Genetic predisposition

What does it do?
Whitening your teeth is done through the combination of the teeth-whitening white gel and the light rays of the white lamp. The teeth whitening components thoroughly clean the tooth surface and the combination of the cold LED light in conjunction with the infrared light ensures that both the surface, as well as the grooves in and between e teeth undergo deep cleaning.

-White is 100% natural & cosmetic
-Harmless to tooth enamel (no peroxides)
-No pain or sensitivity
-2 to 3 shades whiter teeth
-Natural look

Duration and durability of treatment
The duration of treatment is 20 minutes. The result lasts for 2-4 months, this depends on your lifestyle (smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, etc…) and personal dental hygiene.

Before treatment
Teeth should be brushed and drink only water 1 hour before treatment. This is for best results.

After treatment Wait until 4 hours after treatment to eat, drink or smoke anything. Do not come into contact with strongly coloured food or drinks for the first 24h. (No coffee, tea, (red) wine, tomato sauce,…)
You may repeat the treatment after 2 months.

Points of attention
We are not dentists. This is a cosmetic treatment and only removes surface discolouration of the teeth. Although the treatment produces nice results, you should always maintain realistic expectations.

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