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He-shi zelfbruiner

He-Shi tanning products

He-Shi He-Shi tanning products are odourless products that provide a beautiful tan all year round. They are adapted to your skin type. All the products in the range are listed below. The products are Vegan and safe during pregnancy. They consist of 100% natural DHA, are fast drying and alcohol and paraben free. Tan Remover…
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Dietary guidance 11/10/20118

Interested in getting acquainted with an efficient diet that achieves your goals? Come to our free evening and meet our nutrition consultants. Not only do we suggest a programme, we listen to all your questions about weight loss and more!

MediSpa had a digital facelift

As you can see we have a new website. We hope you can easily find your way to the right treatment for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail, phone, chat or WhatsApp, we are really here for you!

Approved with accreditation

We are very proud to announce that we have been re-approved by AAAASF this year and have received the accreditation. We are proud of this, because it stands for exceptional quality, safety and innovation.


Le RAD et le RAD SHIELD offrent une protection solaire sûre et efficace. Le pouvoir des antioxydants neutralise les dommages causés par les radicaux libres. Ces produits sont recommandés dans le monde entier par les professionnels de la peau, les dermatologues et les médecins. Vous ne pouvez pas vous cacher du soleil, mais vous pouvez…
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ISDIN zonnecreme

Sun protection from ISDIN

Sun protection with ISDIN products. Which sun products are ideal for your skin? Pigmentation spots in your face? Spot Prevent Fusion Fluid SPF 50+ It is a daily sun protection for photosensitive skin. It helps prevent pigment changes caused by the sun. It is ideal to use during pregnancy in order not to create a…
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ISDIN sociaal media

ISDIN pediatrics spf 50 – wet skin

ISDIN pediatrics spf 50 – wet skin Ideal for children who go in and out of water all the time, to give them the perfect protection! Ideal for sensitive atopic skins. It is a transparent sun cream that immediately moisturizes and dries. It does not stick sand in it!

Jade Facial Roller

Massage your face and neck using our Jade Facial Roller, only benefits. It has a lifting effect, and because of the increased blood circulation you have an immediate glow! For sale at our store or at our webshop: https://www.medispa.be/winkel-van-medispa-knokke/environ/instruments/jade-facial-roller/

Nomige Producten

How your DNA affects the aging of your skin

By examining your DNA, we can gain more insight into your skin aging process. In the laboratory, we analyse different genes involved, such as collagen homotase, antioxidant protection, barrier function and skin hydration. On this basis Nomige develops your personal products!

dermapen behandeling

Microneedling or Dermapen, what is it?

Dermapen The Dermapen4 is one of the latest applications of microneedling. We use the device to bring highly concentrated vitamin cocktails into the skin. In this way your cells get a stimulus, to make new connective tissue fibers and so we can obtain skin improvement! What is microneedling Microneedling is a technique in which fine…
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