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NIEUW – Comfort in de stad

NEW – Comfort in the city

Be calm. Be resilient. Be beautiful. Scientifically proven, offer full protection against the harmful effects of pollution, for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Life has changed. Living in the new normal is under pressure. We have too little time, are constantly dispatched with digital devices and are exposed to a lot of stress and urban pollution both…
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rainpharma logo

Summer bodies are made in Winter

Looking for a way to lose weight? And a way to have more energy at the same time? Then start the RainPharma diet now. It is “100% made in Belgium” and stands for a healthy total approach. Here are the 8 most frequently asked questions about the diet. 1. What does it cost to start?…
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gelaatsverzorging thuis

Face care tools for the home

Do you want to continue to pamper your skin in these bizarre times? Or does the mouth mask make your skin look less ‘fresh’? Or do you want to continue your skin improving treatment? Then just keep a pampering hour at home! Good care starts with a thorough cleansing, the ideal basis for a peeling…
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MediSpa Knokke logo vierkant groot

Webshop MediSpa Knokke

Dear customers Because of Covid-19 MediSpa Knokke is closed. But our webshop remains open for you! Products can be picked up or sent by post. All your products, food supplements, make up, … You can order online from us! See our webshop We also remain available daily by telephone and e-mail to assist you in…
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maskne afbeelding

Treat the effects of MASKNE

What is Maskne? Maskne is the result of the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin which can lead to acne outbreaks, increased sensitivity and dryness. Moisture trapped between the mask and the skin Friction caused by continuous wearing of a mask Clogged pores caused by changes in follicle lipids TIP 1: Keep…
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Dermapen producten

The solution to your skin problem!

Dermapen is the latest technique of microneedling. By using tiny needles, which make vibrating little channels in the skin, we injure the skin just enough to obtain a natural recovery process. The stimulation in the connective tissue stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. what is the difference with the classic roller? the skin needs…
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He-shi zelfbruiner

He-Shi tanning products

He-Shi He-Shi tanning products are odourless products that provide a beautiful tan all year round. They are adapted to your skin type. All the products in the range are listed below. The products are Vegan and safe during pregnancy. They consist of 100% natural DHA, are fast drying and alcohol and paraben free. Tan Remover…
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RAD and RAD SHIELD offer safe and effective sun protection. The power of antioxidants neutralizes free radical damage. These products are recommended worldwide by skin professionals, dermatologists and doctors. You can’t hide from the sun, but you can reduce its effects. RAD has a creamy texture. It contains antioxidants to provide broad-spectrum UV protection. RAD…
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ISDIN zonnecreme

Sun protection from ISDIN

Sun protection with ISDIN products. Which sun products are ideal for your skin? Pigmentation spots in your face? Spot Prevent Fusion Fluid SPF 50+ It is a daily sun protection for photosensitive skin. It helps prevent pigment changes caused by the sun. It is ideal to use during pregnancy in order not to create a…
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ISDIN sociaal media

ISDIN pediatrics spf 50 – wet skin

ISDIN pediatrics spf 50 – wet skin Ideal for children who go in and out of water all the time, to give them the perfect protection! Ideal for sensitive atopic skins. It is a transparent sun cream that immediately moisturizes and dries. It does not stick sand in it!

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