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Skin analysis

Mapping your skin

What problems are looked at?
– Acne
– Pigmentation
– Redness
– Skin ageing
– Wrinkles
– Dry/oily skin
– Elasticity
– Personalised treatment plan
– Product advice
Treatment advice

Sara en katty rug huidanalyse

Why is a skin analysis so important?

Medispa Knokke guarantees a professional approach from A to Z to guarantee you the best care and the best results.

Do you want skin improvement? Then it’s best to start with a skin analysis. This way, both you and the skin professional get a clear picture of your skin and we can put together the perfect plan for you.
There are 4 evaluation moments included, during which we look at skin improvements together and compare them with the first measurement.
During a skin analysis, we take 1h30 to thoroughly study your skin. Based on a survey of your lifestyle, measurements and photos, we draw up a personal treatment plan for you that will make a difference.

The analysis
We start the skin analysis by discussing pre-completed questionnaire.
Then, using the Courage Cazaka MultiSkin Test Centre, a number of measurements are taken of the skin.

What exactly can we measure from the skin?
-Sebum (fat)

As a third step, accurate photos are taken with the Reveal Imager.
The device takes standard and cross-polarised photos. The image can be magnified up to 50 times so that structure and skin lines can be seen very clearly.

What is visible in the photos?
-Number and size of pores
-Depth of the wrinkle
-Blood vessels
-Sun damage (pigment)
-Skin structure

The result
After the skin professional’s precise analysis, we draw up a personal treatment plan together. We advise you which products you can use at home that best suit your skin type. We also explain which treatments you can consider in our MediSpa.
You will then have a brief introduction to the recommended products in our cabin.
We match your wishes with the possibilities within our MediSpa to achieve the best results.

Our face products

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Environ is a South African brand developed by plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes.
The main ingredient is vitamin A and more vitamins and active ingredients. Environ works very purposefully on any problem.

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akademikliniken logo


Akademikliniken is a Swedish brand developed by a Plastic Surgeon, the products are vitamin and hyaluronic acid-based, which has you skin a lot of comfort.

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Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition are skin supplements that tackle your skin problem from the inside out.

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