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Rainpharma dieet

Het RainPharma dieet

The RainPharma diet is “100% made in Belgium” and stands for a healthy overall approach. The RainPharma diet is an efficient slimming programme that combines healthy food, the RainPharma food supplements and special shakes with professional nutritional advice from our nutritionist.
The combination of a motivating start – because you lose all your excess kilos fairly quickly in the beginning – and a thorough long-term vision sets the diet apart immediately.
With the RainPharma diet, you slim down sensibly, without overpowering the body, without going hungry, while respecting your gut and kidneys. It is a diet for the discerning consumer, for those who want to lose 3 or 30 kilos.

The difference from a classic protein diet?
Currently, it is the only healthy alternative that gives sustainable results without risks to your kidneys or general health. RainPharma’s shakes are particularly well formulated because they are gluten- and casein-free. This makes them gut-friendly. Moreover, the diet works with unique orthomelecular food supplements that give you a healthy energy boost and improve your skin quality. The emphasis throughout the diet, from day one, is on healthy eating.

More than just a diet
RainPharma shakes and supplements are not just used to lose weight. The prodcutes can be used for different applications. -Sporters: Qualitative and safe alternative for protein supplementation and recovery
Seniors: Sufficient protein intake to prevent muscle breakdown
Weight maintenance: A shake as a replacement for snacks or between meals
Skin firming: For a better distribution of proteins contributing to a firm and radiant skin
Breakfast: When time is short, shakes can be a healthy and quick alternative
Vegetarians and vegans: A worthy alternative to proteins from meat, fish and other animal products.

During an intake you will be given all the info and products (RainPharma diet box + recipe book) you need to start the programme. We discuss the entire first weight-loss period from needle to thread: we go over your daily schedule, which vegetables you can eat, whether you can eat fish and meat (and if so when), at what times you should drink the shakes, and how much. We also go over your food options for when you go out to a restaurant or on holiday.
The intake interview includes an initial weight check and fat measurement. Then you start your diet. After +/- 10 days, another weight and fat check follows.

When you have almost reached your target weight, which takes a maximum of 12 weeks, we move on to the conversion period. During this period you gradually start eating fairly normal, healthy food again. In this phase, new rules apply and weight checks are carried out every other week. After a maximum of nine weeks in the cashing-in phase, you move to a stable weight, where you continue to learn a healthy diet and where extra strict controls help to maintain the new weight.

In conclusion
Would you like support in losing weight and don’t like to be alone? Then we offer the ideal diet guidance. We follow you from the start of the diet until you have achieved and maintained the desired result.


Healthy, efficientand  easy!


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