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Facial treatments

Facial treatments
DF – Technology
Dermapen 4
Medisol lamp – Light therapy
NEW: Gua sha stones 

What problems can be solved?

–  Acne treatments – Scars – 

– Pigment treatment – Redness – Skin aging – Dry/Oily skin – Relaxation – Boost your skin
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Skin analysis

Do you want to improve your skin? Then it’s best to start with a skin analysis. This way, both you and a skin professional get a clear picture of your skin and we can put together the perfect plan for you.

There are 4 evaluation moments included, during which we look together at the improvements in your skin and compare them with the first measurement.

During a skin analysis, we take 1h30 to thoroughly study your skin. Based on a lifestyle survey, measurements and photos, we draw up a personal treatment plan for you that will make a difference.


Manual Facial Treatments

You can book a facial, or make an appointment to see which treatment suits you best.

Basic facial treatment (60′)
Basic facial treatment youth (-21′)
Luxury facial treatment (90′)

Provides extra comfort for your skin. A relaxing skin care that soothes and calms. The hydrolipid film is restored.

Deep cleansing (60′)
Deep cleansing for those suffering from clogged large pores. Blackheads and barbed grains are removed. A deep cleansing treatment that removes comedones and impurities. The scientifically advanced products gently exfoliate, moisturise and refresh the skin. The skin looks clean and radiant.

 Deep cleansing youth (-21J)
Deep cleansing for acne skin with removal of black spots and barley grains. A deep cleansing treatment especially for -21-year-olds. This treatment removes comedones and impurities. The scientifically advanced products gently exfoliate, moisturise and refresh the skin. The skin looks clean and radiant.
Duo gelaatsverzorging g
DF environ

DF Facial treatments after 1 month of Environ 

Eniviron’s Electro-sonic ionzyme DF technology was developed by Plastic Surgeon Dr Des Fernandes.
The DF device works with controlled electric current. The DF device allows us to introduce active ingredients into the skin.
Working with controlled electric current, the DF device produces sound waves that create cavitations deep in the skin. This opens up the cells, and allows ingredients with active molecules to penetrate the skin more easily.

Focus-on (30′)
For extra focus on problem areas. This targeted facial focuses on 2 problem areas with the DF probe. Afterwards, an absorption-enhancing mask ensures results on the entire face.

Essential (60′)
To improve specific skin problems.

Essentiel luxe (90′)
This is the facial treatment where you want to work intensively on improving the entire face, but also spend time on a relaxing massage and mask.

Essentiel luxe plus (120′)
This is the facial treatment where you want to work intensively on improving the entire face, but also spend time on a relaxing massage, Medisol LED lamp and mask.

Cool Peel 
This peel destroys bacteria, improves hydration and removes the accumulation of dead skin cells, leaving the skin clearer and its texture smoother. It is ideal for lines and wrinkles, sagging, thick and rough skin with open pores, sun-damaged skin and pigmentation.



Dermapen4 is one of the newest and safest applications of microneedling. Here, we use ‘the pen’ to deliver a highly concentrated vitamin cocktail into the skin. We needle vertically so we don’t injure the skin. By working in this way, your cells get a stimulus to create new connective tissue fibres and so we can obtain skin improvement.
Microneedling is a technique in which fine needles make 1200 holes per second to release growth factors. As blood vessels are punctured, platelets are released, triggering the skin’s natural repair process. This accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin stronger, smoother and more even. Dermapen offers the possibility of changing depth to address various skin problems.

-Wrinkles and fine lines
-Sagging and ageing skin
-Sallow, dull skin
-Acne and acne scars
-Blackheads, impurities and/or clogged pores
-Wide pores and/or coarse skin structure
-Pigmentation spots
-Ageing hands

medisol lamp

Medisol lamp

The Medisol Led lamp stimulates the skin with light. This promotes cell renewal and creates new collagen. This synergy leads to skin that is tight and smooth again, with a more radiant appearance. Medisol is a versatile lamp that works thanks to 4 wavelengths: blue, yellow, red and infrared.
The blue light works anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
The Infrared light retexturises the epidermis and dermis and accelerates the healing process.
The red light reduces wrinkles and promotes collagen building, you get radiant skin.
The yellow light reduces redness and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

-Sensitive skin/ after peeling
-Stretch marks/ scars
-Wounds and scars


LPG Face

LPG Endermologie is today one of the most well-known and effective ways to get rid of cellulite, sagging skin and scar tissue. It loosens adhesions and gives a connective tissue massage. In this way, blood circulation is stimulated and fluid and waste products are expelled. The treatment is painless and has a relaxing effect. LPG is for both men and women.
You can combine this treatment with your facial care for a beautiful glow to the skin, or apply it in a course of 8 sessions for real skin improvement. Here you start with 3X/ week, then gradually phase out. The massage is very relaxing. The connective tissue massage for the face is ideal for treating:

-Skin sagging
-Skin ageing
-Wrinkle formation
-Double chin
-Sallow complexion

For Body too – LEARN MORE
LPG esthetisch
peeling environ

Our Peelings

To assess which treatment is needed for you, it is important to first have a skin analysis done. On this basis, we draw up a personal treatment plan. For this, we use the Reveal Imager: a device that clearly shows how your skin is doing.

TCA peeling
The TCA peeling is one of the main types of peelings we perform at MediSpa Knokke. This involves a chemical peeling with trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Here, the active ingredient is applied to the skin to achieve skin rejuvenation and skin improvement. This chemical peel is suitable for ageing and wrinkled skin. The treatment can also help relieve scarring.

Cool peel treatment
Another peel we offer at MediSpa is the cool peel treatment. A completely different approach to peeling that achieves beautiful results without skin damage. Using a low concentration of lactic acid, it lowers the pH of the skin and stimulates the release of growth factors. The result? Tighter and smoother skin. Ideal for lines and wrinkles, thick or rough skin, problem skin, sun-damaged skin or rosacea.

LPG Peeling technology
Peeling technology consists of a 20% kit peel,
10% Glycolic acid and 10% Almondic acid.
This peeling is combined with an LPG facial treatment, boosts cell regeneration for a ‘baby’ skin effect.

-Wrinkles and fine lines
-Pigmentation marks
-Acne scars
-Coarse pores and skin texture

PRP- Plate Rich Plasma

PRP is plasma with a high concetration of platelets.
Platelets deliver growth factors to the skin, the high concetration of growth factors stimulates the body to repair ageing or damaged tissue.

– Skin improvement/ firming
– Prevention of skin ageing
– Fine lines
– Old and new scars

We work the plasma in with the Dermapen 4

This makes the skin firmer and smoother, we are going to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

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de gua sha stenen

Effleurages and acupressure points with the Gua Sha stones 

Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment with the Gua Sha stone.

Using the Gua Sha stone, we will perform a delightful massage with effleurages and acupressure points on the face.

This massage has many benefits:
– Detox of your face
– Eliminate fluid accumulation from your face
– Stimulate blood circulation and cell renewal
– Natural contouring of your face

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