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Permanent make-up


Always wanted to get up with the feeling of looking fantastic?

Permanent make up gives you the opportunity to just have that little extra. An eyeliner or perfect lips. This technique is done by experienced specialists who have years of experience in permanent makeup and medical tattoos.

permanente make-up

Permanente make-up

Making up every day is a task, especially if you have poor eyesight or no steady hand. Moreover, make-up also needs to be removed consistently well every evening. What could be more ideal than waking up made up every day, without having to de-make up in the evening? Our experienced specialist can help.

What types of lines can you have done?
-Lip colouring €600
-Lip contour € 400
-Permanent eyebrows € 400
-Tweeze eyebrows € 200
-Microblading eyebrows € 400
-Eyeliner above or below the eyes € 225
-Eyeliner above and below the eyes € 400

How does the treatment proceed?
Together with the specialist, you choose the desired shape and colour. This is drawn in pencil on the skin. You can follow the course of the treatment in a mirror, allowing immediate corrections to be made in terms of shape and colour.

Does it hurt?
The pain you feel is certainly manageable. You may experience red irritation and slight swelling during the treatment. One hour after the treatment, this subsides and is completely gone by the next day.

-Infectious diseases
-Severe allergies

For the first 5 days, it is very important to wash the skin with water only. Do not rub the skin dry with a towel and limit cosmetics. For 14 days, tanning beds and peelings are not recommended

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