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Medisol lamp – Light therapy

Medisol Lamp – Light therapy

The Medisol LED lamp stimulates the skin with light waves. This promotes cell renewal and creates new collagen. This synergy leads to skin that is tight and smooth again, with more radiance. Medisol is a versatile lamp that works thanks to 4 wavelengths:
Blue, yellow, red and infrared

medisol lamp
Medisol lamp

The types of wavelengths

The blue light acts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The infrared light restructures the epidermis and dermis and accelerates the healing process.

The red light reduces wrinkles and promotes collagen building, you get radiant skin.

The yellow light reduces redness and also has an anti-inflammatory effect

What skin conditions can we work on?

Collagen build-up is stimulated. This technique can also be combined with all our facial treatments, including DF treatment and Dermapen treatment. The medisol lamp has a pigment-enhancing effect, making the skin look smoother and tighter with a brighter complexion.

Sensitive and irritated skin
The infrared light repairs skin, redness and reduces irritation. It strengthens and soothes damaged and sensitive skin.

medisol lamp
Medisol lamp

What skin problems can we work on?

The blue light acts on the acne bacteria and destroys them. The red light penetrates deep enough to reach the sebaceous glands and thus has an anti-inflammatory effect. Acne scars can be further reduced thanks to a customised combination of Medisol lamp with the Dermapen.

Scars & burns
The Medisol lamp can act on different types of scars, both new and old, thanks to its reparative photobiomodulation. The lamp accelerates and improves the healing process, minimising the visibility of scars. You can also go under the Medisol lamp for burns, irritations and inflammations. Finally, Medisol offers a soothing effect for certain pains. This can be combined with LPG Endermologie.
For old scars, the Medisol lamp is combined with the Dermapen, this way your cells get a stimulus to produce new connective tissue fibres and so we can obtain skin improvement.
Stretch marks
Medisol offers significant improvement of lesions, thanks to LED treatment: reduction of depth and repigmentation.
To treat stretch marks, it is highly recommended to prepare the skin with the Dermapen to superficially thin the horny layer.

New stretch marks – red = without Dermapen
Old stretch marks – white = with Dermapen

After aesthetic treatment/surgeries 

The LED lamp enhances the effectiveness of some aesthetic procedures, such as peeling, laser, Dermapen and aesthetic surgeries. The soothing and healing effect of the LEDs reduces inflammation and helps treat post-inflammatory redness.

medisol lamp lichaam

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