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Medical before- and after-care


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Do you have an ugly scar after an accident or surgery and would you like treatment?

Are you choosing lymphatic drainage? Then be sure to do so under professional supervision at MediSpa Knokke.

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Scar treatment

Our skin specialist can treat the problems caused by a scar. These include accumulation of collagen, redness, itching, pain, discoloration, hardening, adhesion, poor circulation, movement restriction and fluid accumulation.

At MediSpa Knokke you can contact us for different types of scar treatments. With the help of scar massage we improve wound healing and the metabolism of the skin. This massage can be done manually, but can also be performed using an LPG device. We often apply this to sticky scars as the sucking and rolling movement of the device makes the scar tissue more flexible. For the treatment of small, light acne scars we usually use peelings. Such a chemical peeling removes the top layer of the skin and reduces the size of the scar. A peeling is suitable for all skin types and is used not only for acne but also to treat fine wrinkles and coarse pores.
LPG lichaam LPG gelaat

Lymphedrainage Medical LPG

Before surgery, LPG endermology prepares the tissue to reduce side effects and complications. In this way, we optimise the success rate of the surgery.
After surgery, the draining effect of the treatment allows the oedema and bruising from the surgery to heal faster. In addition, you also get a more beautiful scar recovery. Both for the face and body.

LPG Scar
The device performs a deep massage on the adhering scar. This stimulates metabolism and reduces inflammation. At the same time, medical endermology stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin to reduce flexibility and pain and regain mobility. This can be done on all types of scars: New, old, scar after caesarean section, hypertrophic scar, burns, etc,…

LPG precaution
-For liposuction
-For abdominoplasty
-For Coolsculpt/ Cryotherapy
If the skin is prepared with our endermology device then we can already loosen celullite, this allows the doctor to obtain a better result. Also, the skin already becomes firmer, due to production of your collagen.

LPG aftercare
-After eyelid correction
-After facelift
-After gyneacomastia
-After liposuction
-After coolsculpt

Lymphatic drainage may already be applied the day after eyelid surgery, and repeated daily. This is to speed up the healing process and reduce bruising and fluid.
In other procedures, lymphatic drainage may be performed after the doctor’s consent or after 10 days. This is to achieve optimal results of the procedure.


Medisol lamp

The MediSol LED lamp stimulates the skin with light. This promotes cell renewal and new collagen formation. The LED lamp enhances the effectiveness of some aesthetic procedures, such as peelings, laser, Dermapen and aesthetic surgery. The soothing and healing effect of the LEDs reduces inflammation and helps to treat post-conception redness.

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medisol lamp


Dermapen4 is one of the newest and safest applications of microneedling. Here, we use ‘the pen’ to deliver a highly concentrated vitamin cocktail into the skin. We needle vertically, so we don’t injure the skin. By working in this way, your cells are given an incentive to create new connective tissue fibres and so we can obtain skin improvement.
Microneedling is a technique in which fine needles make 1200 holes per second to release growth factors. As blood vessels are punctured, platelets are released, triggering the skin’s natural repair process. This accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin stronger, smoother and more even. Dermapen offers the possibility of changing depth to address various skin problems.

-Acne and acne scars
-Wrinkles and fine lines
-Sagging and ageing skin
-Sallow, dull skin
-Blackheads, impurities and/or clogged pores
-Wide pores and/or coarse skin structure
-Pigmentation marks
-Ageing hands


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