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Summer bodies are made in Winter

Summer bodies are made in Winter

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Looking for a way to lose weight? And a way to have more energy at the same time?
Then start the RainPharma diet now. It is “100% made in Belgium” and stands for a healthy total approach. Here are the 8 most frequently asked questions about the diet.

1. What does it cost to start?

To start with the RainPharma diet, you need to buy a starter box. This is a box containing all the products you need for a smooth start. The box not only contains RainPharma products  but also free guidance during the entire period.
On your first visit, you simply pay 515 euros for the whole box, including guidance for a whole year. So at the start of the diet you are doing a big favour.

By working with a starter box, we also avoid that people start a weight-loss diet unmotivated or too impulsive. Starting a good diet should be a well-considered decision.

2. What does the follow-up cost?

Depending on your individual situation and goal you will have to use more or less of our products. In the beginning you will need to buy more. This will decrease towards the end of the diet.

3. What can I still eat?

In the beginning you have to skip bread, potatoes and pasta (carbohydrates), but you can eat vegetables, meat, fish and eggs regularly. The length of this period depends on your desired weight loss, but never exceeds twelve weeks.
From the second period onwards you can eat anything, except sweets. From the third period onwards, very simple rules will suffice to maintain your new weight forever.
During your first visit, you will receive a booklet with handy – and especially delicious culinary – recipes. It does not have to be noticed that you are on a diet!

4. Will the weight stay off forever?

The human body is a living organism. If you have your teeth whitened and then start smoking again, your teeth will discolour again. If you have calluses cut by a pedicurist, you have to take good care of your feet afterwards or make a new appointment regularly, or the calluses will come back. The same principles apply to a slimming diet. If you return to the same diet as before, you should expect to gain weight again.

By the way, did you know that your body needs about a year to get used to your new healthy weight? That is why we guide you for a year in your new weight. The support moments are included in the purchase price of the products. So you do not have to pay extra for it.

5. Does it matter who I go to for my diet?

Before you start on a diet it is important to ask for an exploratory interview. Then you can feel whether there is a click between you and the consultant.

6. Is it a good diet?

The RainPharma Diet is an efficient total concept based on healthy food. Without overexerting your body or going hungry. In return, you will gain a healthy weight, beautiful skin and more energy.

It is not a protein diet, not a carbohydrate-free diet, not a crash diet… but a good mix of classical dieting and new insights. At the same time, the first period of the diet is very motivating due to the relatively fast weight loss. So the RainPharma diet has both long-term solidity and an attractive fast start.

7. Can’t I just do sports or watch my diet?

Yes, of course. Practicing sport and watching your diet are the two basic principles for controlling your weight. Everyone agrees on that. But what if you are a few kilos overweight? Many people reach for diet bars, juice cures or light products to get rid of those unhealthy kilos quickly. This is usually not very healthy and the kilos you lose are gained twice over. The RainPharma diet is not the only panacea for losing weight. However, it is a sound and motivating method for regaining a healthy weight.

8. Should I consult my doctor first?

We cannot oblige you to do so, but we consider it a must. A blood test and consultation with your GP gives you and us the certainty that you are in good health, both physically and mentally. Of course, it is important that you refer your doctor to MediSpa Knokke, in case he or she does not know the RainPharma diet. Your doctor can also always consult us if he or she has specific questions. Moreover, if you have some comparative blood analyses before and during the diet, you and your doctor can be sure that this diet will indeed benefit your health in the long term.

Summer bodies are made in winter

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