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NEW – Comfort in the city

NEW – Comfort in the city

NIEUW – Comfort in de stad

Be calm. Be resilient. Be beautiful.

Scientifically proven, offer full protection against the harmful effects of pollution, for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Life has changed. Living in the new normal is under pressure. We have too little time, are constantly dispatched with digital devices and are exposed to a lot of stress and urban pollution both inside and outside.

Vehicle exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, fine dust, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and other pollutants combined with ultraviolet (UV), blue light and infrared radiation have been proven to have harmful effects on the skin. On contact with the skin, pollutants create free radicals, which in turn lead to increasing signs of sensitive skin, premature skin ageing, skin discolouration, dry, dull and rough skin.

The increasing, damaging effects of pollution on the skin have led to Environ’s two revolutionary anti-pollution innovations, aimed at preventing, repairing and strengthening the skin to protect itself.

  • Focus Care Comfort – Anti-Pollution Spritz 50ml
    This light, invisible and breathable shield provides complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend of anti-pollution ingredients and highly potent antioxidants. This is to counteract the damaging effects of pollution.
  • Focus Care Comfort – Purifying Anti-Pollution Masque 75ml
    This multi-purpose mask from Environ with Japanese charcoal and special botanicals helps to absorb polluting impurities, normalise the skin’s appearance and hydrate it, leaving it revitalised and soft to the touch.
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