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RainPharma: The Diet

RainPharma: The Diet


The ideal diet for those who do not like dieting

Dieting is not easy and nobody likes it. Nowadays, more people suffer from excess weight or obesity, which is a threat to public health. As a holistic health brand, RainPharma wants to offer a solution to get rid of the excess, unhealthy kilos under professional guidance.

The diet is made up of three phases, which makes the chance of success so much more realistic than with any other diet.

  1. The first phase is the slimming period in which you will lose all your excess kilos. This is done through healthy food in combination with shakes and supplements. The first phase ends when the desired result has been achieved (maximum of 12 weeks).
  2. The second phase is the cashing-in period. In this phase you will gradually switch to daily, healthy food. During the period of 9 weeks you will go for weekly check-ups to find out what you definitely need to pay attention to.
  3. In the third phase or the rule of two, you will learn how to maintain your weight. Every month you will come for a check-up. During these checks, weight and fat mass are monitored and, if necessary, adjustments are made.
    Why choose RainPharma?

RainPharma creates products for a radiant skin, healthy weight and strong body. Both development and production are carried out in Belgium by a multidisciplinary team of experts. They opt for 100% honest products that are accessible to everyone, of exceptional quality and maximum efficiency.

Would you like more information? Make an appointment and together we will look at the possibilities to strive for your ideal weight.


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