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How do I protect my face from the sun?

How do I protect my face from the sun?


How do I protect my face from the sun?

The best thing for your skin is to start protecting yourself again every 3 to 4 hours.

Protect your skin against aging:

Photo Ultra ISDIN Age Repair Fusion Water SPF 50

Water-based sun protection for the face. It provides instant hydration and a triple action against sun-induced skin ageing: it protects, repairs and regenerates.

Photo protector ISDIN Fusion Water SPF 50 (also available in tinted)

Daily sun protection for the face, suitable for all skin types, which leaves a soft feeling of freshness and dryness. Absorbs immediately, leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness, leaves the skin smooth, soft and matte.
With anti-ageing ingredients (hyaluronic acid) and antioxidants (vitamin E)


Skins with pigmentation spots:

Photo Ultra 100 ISDIN Spot Prevent Fusion Fluid SPF 50+

Prevention of pigmentation spots

**Very high protection **.
SPF100 and UVA49. Provides twice the minimum sun protection required with SPF50+ to prevent the appearance of spots.

Photo Ultra 100 ISDIN Active Unify Fusion Fluid SPF 50+ (also available in tinted form)

Smoothing the skin

A sun protection for the face that helps with pigmentation changes caused by the sun. It brightens and evens out skin, available colourless and tinted.


Sensitive skin with skin cancer:

 Eryfotona AK Fluid SPF100+

Prevents and restores actinic skin changes. The protection for people with skin cancer.
It gives your skin a new chance. It puts a protective film on the skin, which protects against new leasies.


Skins with sun allergies:

Photo Ultra ISDIN Solar Allergy Fusion Fluid SPF 100+

Specially developed for skin that reacts sensitively to the sun. Prevents and relieves the symptoms of sun allergy.

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