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How do I protect my child from the sun?

How do I protect my child from the sun?


Sun products for children

It is best to reapply sunscreen every 3 hours.

Here we present our range of ISDIN sunscreens for the face and body for children:

Sun protection products for the face:

Sun protection ISDIN Pediatrics Fusion Fluid Mineral Baby SPF 50

Liquid sun protection with 100% mineral filters, especially for sensitive baby skin.
Suitable for babies from 0 months, it can turn a little white due to the minerals it contained. May also be applied to the body, on dry skin.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, this could cause slight eye irritation.


Photoprotector ISDIN Fusion Water Pediatrics SPF 50+

The non-stinging photo protector for children. Specially formulated for babies and children’s skin, also for sensitive skin. Suitable for children from 6 months. Does not feel greasy. It can be applied to wet and dry skin.


Sunscreen for the body:

Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics Gel Cream SPF 50+

Sun protection for the body in gel form which moisturises like a cream and gives a refreshing feeling like a gel. Ideal for the whole family.


Photoprotector ISDIN Lotion Spray Pediatrics SPF 50

Has a light and moisturising texture for the sensitive skin of children and babies. A daily protection for children’s sensitive skin.
Recommended for children who need more moisturising. It offers very high UVB/UVA/HE-VL IRA protection with SPF50.


Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics wet skin spray SPF 50+

Invisible and light photo protection for your child’s wet skin, they can go in the water with it. If the children dry themselves after coming out of the water, they must be protected again.


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