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He-Shi tanning products

He-Shi tanning products

He-shi zelfbruiner


He-Shi tanning products are odourless products that provide a beautiful tan all year round. They are adapted to your skin type.

All the products in the range are listed below. The products are Vegan and safe during pregnancy. They consist of 100% natural DHA, are fast drying and alcohol and paraben free.

  1. Tan Remover and Primer
    This is a luxurious mousse that removes the complexion and prepares the skin to apply a new He-Shi self-tanner.
    An infusion of white nectarine and pear gives the skin a blissful scent. Powerful fruit acids and enzymes dissolve the last traces of your tan effectively so that the skin is perfectly prepared. It is ideal as a primer for a tan and gives impeccable results for an even tan.
  2. Scrub glove
    Before applying the tanning, it is best to remove the dead skin cells with this exfoliating glove.
  3. Tanning Mitt and Luxury Velvet Mitt
    This tanning mitt has a protective film, which ensures that no product gets on your hands. By using this mitt you ensure that the product spreads as evenly and beautifully as possible.
    The luxury velvet mitt has an exclusive design that fits around the wrist and has a double-sided velvet surface that is smooth and soft to the touch. In addition, this mitt has a separate thumb.
  4. Tanning Mousse
    A mouse is ideal for the starting tanner. With this pump system you can easily dose your product. The mousses are enriched with avocado and argan oil for the ultimate hydration of the skin. You have 3 mousses:
    1. Golden mousse gives a medium tint with golden glow
    2. Dark mousse gives a dark result
    3. Rapid hour mousse can give the skin an ultra-dark tint.
  5. Tanning Liquid
    This is a product for the experienced user. Because it is liquid, it is more difficult to apply. But with these liquids you will have faster and more intense results.
    1. Express liquid tan for a medium result
    2. Rapid hour gives a dark result
    3. Ultra Dark Express is perfect for a trendy intense ultra dark complexion.
  6. Day to Day graduate tan
    This product can be used like your daily body cream. Through daily use you will slowly build up a hint. Flawless results guaranteed.
  7. One Day tan
    You can compare this product with your foundation. You apply the product, and it immediately gives you your desired colour. You can go to your party in no time. At the end of the party you can rinse the colour back under water.
  8. Tanning Gel
    This gel is for extremely dry skins. This gel is not only easy to use, it also gives your skin the hydration it deserves.
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