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Gone with Pigment

Gone with Pigment


We help you with your pigment in a non-invasive way, without a laser!
For this, we use Environ’s Radiance+ range.

Important for treating pigment:

  • Products with powerful ingredients including vitamin C, antioxidants and lactic acid.
  • Cure skin supplements: we start working on our skin from the inside, we make our skin stronger on the inside and so we also work on the pigment.
  • UVA sun protection, yes in winter it is also important to protect your skin from the rays, which are damaging to our skin:
    • Faster ageing
    • Causing pigmentation
    • Break down cells
  • Peelings 1X a week with us at MediSpa Knokke. We will in a healthy way refine your stratum corneum based on lactic acid so we bleach the pigment. Then we will inject powerful vitamins with the DF technology device.

More explanation:

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