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Akademikliniken in MediSpa Knokke


The skin care products from Sweden. Give your skin the best to cope with everyday conditions. Akademikliniken Skin Care is the result of a close collaboration between experienced plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. They have developed skin care products for beautiful and healthy skin. The products are designed for professional treatments in clinics but also for daily use at home.

The skin care products have healing properties that give you a healthy skin with radiance..

Beautiful and healthy skin starts with the right skin care. With a combination of both biotechnology and plant extracts you get the best out of both science and nature.
Which gives fantastic results!
They use, among other things, protective vitamins and Scandinavian berries, and as they see it –> the best ingredients in a perfect combination. With Akademikliniken’s skin care products, you can enjoy serums, facial creams, etc. every day.

In MediSpa Knokke, you have the opportunity to get help with a skin care routine tailored to your specific skin. Our beauticians, Valerie, Sara and Giana, perform a skin analysis to see which products your skin type needs and give good tips and advice.All this to make your skin feel as good as possible.

A healthy skin is both beautiful and healthy.

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