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NEW 🧬 Nomige face care 🧬

NEW 🧬 Nomige face care 🧬

nomge gelaatsverzorging

Want a relaxing treatment but also want to work on your skin condition? 😌

With Nomige, it’s possible!

With a Nomige care, we offer personalized facial treatments based on your DNA. 🧬
We look at the outside and inside of your skin. The skin is fully screened.

At your first appointment, we can look at the visible skin condition and take a one-time DNA sample. This is done via a simple saliva test. We customize the treatment based on your visible skin needs.

At your second appointment we discuss the full DNA report and during this treatment your unique personalized products are already used.

Your collagen, skin barrier/hydration and antioxidants are worked on.
For an even more relaxing, lifting and detox effect we use Gua Sha stones during the massage.

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