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Cosy Laser Days!!!! Test service at HALF price

Cosy Laser Days!!!! Test service at HALF price

cosy laser day medispa knokke

Cosy Laser Days!!!!!

Say goodbye to those pesky, unwanted hairs!

Come along during the COSY LASER DAYS and discover how permanent laser hair removal can change your life.

Sign up for an intake interview and get a laser session of your choice at half price.*

What to expect.

During an intake talk, the full process of laser hair removal will be explained and you will have the chance to ask questions. You can also have 1 zone lasered at half price on this day.

*Only valid for an area you have not yet had lasered with us


If you purchase a subscription for 1 or more zones during the COSY LASER DAYS, you will receive 1 or 2 sessions free per subscription.

3+1 free = 4
7+2 free = 9

The amount is payable in 1x at MediSpa Knokke.


Friday 28/10/2022
Wednesday 23/11/2022

How to register?

Get in contact with us.

Let us know which day you prefer and which area you would like to have lasered, and we will answer you as soon as possible with the possible hours.

Will you also go hair-free next summer?


Cosy laser day bij medespa Knokke


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