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Rainpharma diet

The RainPharma Dieet

is an efficient total concept built around healthy food. A quick start that motivates and a well thought-out long-term vision, so that those kilos actually stay off, go hand in hand. Without harming your body and without going hungry. In return you get a healthy weight but also a beautiful skin and more energy. A nutritionist will guide you throughout the entire process. The shakes respect the health of your body and are intestinal friendly, thanks to their careful composition. Moreover, the shakes are also very tasty. There are undoubtedly a few flavours on offer that you will like!


Proteins are the building blocks of just about everything in your body. The pure and intestine-friendly protein shakes can be used in a slimming diet. They are fibre-rich and vegetarian (there are even a number of vegan variants). Choose from a wide range of tasty flavours: slightly sweet, sour or bitter, or go for a neutral variant.

  • Without gluten
  • Without caseïne
  • Without polyolen
  • Without aspartame
  • Without artificial dyes
  • Without preservatives
There are vegetarian or vegan variants:

For those who eat vegetal, they developed vegan shakes. They are shakes based on proteins from non manipulated soy, peas or rice. They are not only used for people who follow the diet. We also have a lot of vegan customers who, on the advice of a dietician, supplement their proteins with our shakes.

If you like pure flavors, then these shakes are totally your thing. They were lightly sweetened with stevia, but the taste remains quite bitter. Dark chocolate, strong coffee or do you go for the original salty-sweet-bitter peanut flavour?

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