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He Shi self-tanners

He-Shi self-tanners, (tanning without sun) offers a unique range of self-tanning facial & body products for women and men.
All tanning products create an instant golden tan that looks 100% natural.

A healthy alternative for a perfect tan without the harmful UV sunrays.

He-shi tanning without sunshine has many advantages:
  • is very easy to apply without stripes.
  • dries very quickly and the colour does not give off on the clothing.
 He-Shi is 100% natural.
  1. contains no parabens, alcohol and is test animal free.
  2. subtle scent
  3. gives you a natural and even tan.
The ingredients used are of high quality and have been scientifically developed. All these self-tanners have a moisturizing effect –> so your skin doesn’t dry out because no alcohol is added.
It is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin because it is paraben free & alcohol free.
He-Shi self tanner is suitable for body and face. The product contains a “see where it goes” formula. –> so you can see where you have applied the product. After applying the product your tan will last up to 10 days.
The products are available in the form of;
  •  liquid,
  •  gel,
  •  mousse,
  •  lotion or
  •  balm.
How do you apply the product?
The easiest way to apply this product is in vertical stripes. See also video.
Take a few drops on a Tanning Mitt handschoen and apply the self-tanner in long vertical stripes.
With a mousse or gel, it is best to rub in circular movements.
Start at the bottom of the skin and work upwards.
As soon as the product is on your skin, go over it again so that you can spread it evenly.
To apply everything nicely use a Tanning Mitt (an application glove from He-Shi).
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